Castillo de Trujillo
Trujillo Castel, View from the house

“This is the door of the Lord, the righteous will pass through it …” This is the phrase we can find at the hidden entrance of the synagogue.

The jewish community settled in the city of Trujillo in the thirteenth century. Today very important and beautiful elements are still preserved in our town, such as the synagogue and the neighborhood where 60 to 70 families lived.

Our Rural Apartment House is located where the jewish community lived and built part of the synagogue, at number 16 of the Tiendas street, in the center of Trujillo, where there are still important remains of the Jewish community sheltered in different houses in this street, like ours, which still open their doors to collect the faithful history of judaism in the city.

It is worth noting that the synagogue, located behing the shops and house on Tienda Street, is hidden from the public and can only be accessed through the residents who voluntarily want to take visitors to learn about the history.

The house, very spacious,  is  totally renovated and adapted with a variety of comforts, but always respecting the style and its spirit.