The flat is located in a pedestrian street in the historical center of Trujillo, a few meters from the Plaza Mayor. Inside the Jewish quarter and forming part of the old synagogue.
In the Plaza Mayor, is the tourist office, and from this point you can easily reach the castle, churches, museums and other monuments of the town. Do not forget that the area is full of restaurants where you can enjoy the rich gastronomy of Extremadura.

From the impressive castle of the city, used as scenes of films and TV series, you can see the whole region around Trujillo, even on clear days, be able to see the sanctuary of the Mountain of Cáceres, about 45 kilometers on one side. We can also observe the marvelous Extremadura dehesas and access to the Monfragüe National Park or the Villuercas-Ibores-Jara geopark.

Trujillo is in a privileged place to visit the province,  with excellent accesses, it is connected by motorway with Madrid, Cáceres or Mérida and Badajoz. We can easily reach Plasencia and Guadalupe. You can visit from the Natural Park of Monfragüe and the geopark of Villuercas-Jara-Ibores, places essential for nature lovers.

In Trujillo we will find from the cattle fair, the recently celebrated beer, or the world famous cheese fair, to the best known parties and that nobody can be lost like the Chíviri or Holy Week trujillana, declared as holiday of tourist interest .

In the same Villa we will be able to realize the route of the discoverers, among others routes, going through houses and palaces like the palace of the Conquest, the palace of the Carvajal-Vargas, the palace of the Dukes of San Carlos or the Palace of Piedras Albas, churches and hermitages, such as the church of Santiago, San Martín or Santa María de la Mayor, and the hermitage of Saint Paul inside the castle. Also we can find several museums like the Museum of the Costume, the one of the cheese and the wine, the conventual of San Francisco or the palace of Barrantes-Cervantes, like examples of some museuns.

We can not fail to visit the “Visitor Reception Center Los Descubridores de Trujillo” or the “Casa Museo de Pizarro”.

In the natural surroundings of Trujillo, we can program several routes, either on foot or by bicycle, to tour the berrocal and the plains of Trujillo. We can observe the colonies of primitive kestrel or storks,  and move to the banks of the Almonte river. And for wine lovers, there are guided tours and tastings in the surrounding cellars.

We cann’t stop enjoying the typical gastronomy of Trujillo, we highlight among many others, Extremadura crumbs, kid fry, moraga and pork test, calf landrillas or the ground criadillas and asparagus. It is possible to mention both the PDO cheeses or the wines with PDO and PGI of the land of Extremadura.

We recommend you to read the website Turismo Extremadura to schedule your visit to Trujiilo.