Location of the house:

The Tiendas street is pedestrian.

Access by car to the nearest point has to be done:

  1. From the Plaza Mayor, where we can leave the car for loading and unloading, althought note that the access to the Plaza Mayor is closed on holidays and weekends.
  2. From the end of Margarita Iturralde street. In this point we can find the Licenciado Azoquejo square (a place unmistakable for its olive tree in the middle of the square) and is right on the corner with Tiendas street. Here there is a loading and unloading zone where we can leave the car fro short periods of time. There are also 3 or 4 parking spaces but only occasionally they are not occupied. 

In both cases, the distance to the house doesn’t exceed 30 meters.

¡Free private parking!

We offer an easy parking place. It’s 5 minutes from the house (340 meters away).  Although the parking zone isn’t asphalted, it is closed to the public, and therefore, the cars will be more sheltered than in the street. 

This parking zone is located in Afuera street, 23.


For any shopping, you have in the same street small shops of typical products, wines, water, fruit, bread, … But you can also shop at Plaza Día, Eroski or Leclerc supermarkets. The first two can be walked, although if you prefer, both La Plaza Día and Leclerc have a large parking lot to facilitate your shopping.